Monday, May 27, 2013

Dynamite Dolls: The Dolls chat

Becky: Becky101, Blue
Julie: Sportywonders23,  Green
Ivy: Ur2L8, Purple
Shaila: AmericanGirls1, Pink
Molls: The1944doll, Red

Becky101: Hello! It's me, the Beautiful Becky!
Ur2L8 has entered doll chat
Ur2L8: *Clap, Clap* And allow me to present...
AmericanGirls1 has entered doll chat
AmericanGirls1: Me! The Queen of Sheer Fabulousness!
Ur2L8: Hey! I was presenting myself!
AmericanGirls1: Who would care if you had presented yourself? Didn't you hear that applause when I entered chat?
Becky101: Bye-bye!
Becky101 has left the doll chat
AmericanGirl1 has left the doll chat
Ur2L8 has left the doll chat

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