Saturday, May 18, 2013

Name that doll #1

Hey dollfriends! I wanted to pick a new feature to Dynamite Dolls like Shaila got to. So I decided to do a new Name That Doll! Here are the questions you have to answer for the doll. Oh and email them to Hannah or comment them down below.

1. What's her name?

2. What's her story?

3. What makes her unique?

4. Name one set you'd put in her collection.

5. Who's part of her world? (like her BFF or her family)

6. What type of AG is she?

The winner gets a badge to put on her/his blog. Oh, it's made by me!!!!
Here is the doll to name:

I wish I could enter...

If I were you, here is what I would enter and what Shaila would enter (we're not entering, though).

My entry example:

1. Her name would be Melody DeJean.

2. Melody moves to New York from France and gets people to like her with her creativity from France, but suddenly another new girl comes in and makes the other kids bullie Melody. Melody loves to do Fashion shows and wants to be a Fashion Designer.

3. She's from France and she has an awesome french accent!!!!!

4. She would have an outfit called her Fashion Fun outfit. It would contain a purple spaghetti strapped shirt covered in sequins, black leggings, a black skirt covered in sequins, two pink scarfs and aa pair of purple flats.

5. Melody has 3 older sisters who are Gianna, Dianna and Brianna.
Her BFF is a girl named Jenise. She lives with her dad (Brian) and his girlfriend (Juliet).

6. She is a GOTY.

Shaila's entry example:

1. Her name would be Sarah Beaford.

2. Sarah auditions for a singing competition and her best friends think she's not spending time with them anymore. Does she know how to keep her dream to be a singer and still keep her BFFS? Find out in Meet Sarah and Sarah on the Stage.

3. Well, she is very good at singing and can reach very high notes.

4. Sarah would have pajams called Sarah's Stage Star PJS. This outfit contains a orange long sleeved pj shirt covered with one big microphone in the middle and one pj pants covered in microphones all over the place. It also comes withe Purple fuzzy slippers and 1 purple headband with a microphone decal.

5. She has 2 BFFS named Faye and Carly-Anna. She's an only child and has a mom (Zoey) and dad (Mark).

6. She is a GOTY.

See you soon,


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