Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A contest!

I'm going to hold a contest! Each contestant will get badge for their blog!There will be 1 winner. Here are the prizes!

Grand Winner:
1. He/She will get to help me with the blog and will be able to post on this blog.
2. They will get a special blog badge emailed to them.

Every contestant will be emailed:
1. A badge for their blog.


1. He/She has to have a blog.
2. He/She has to have an email.
3. He/She has to be a follower of A Girl's World (Dynamite Dolls).
4. Everyvtime you comment in this contest post, you HAVE to leave your name or nickname.

How to enter:
1. Comment down below your name/nickname and email.
2. You have to email us the story of how your blog became known (details are great).
3. You have to post about this contest on your blog.
4. Post about this contest on Facebook or Twitter (optional).
5. When you've posted about this contest on your blog, then leave another comment of the link.

When I get your story, I will post it on the page called Blog Story Contest Entries.

Good Luck!


  1. Hi! I would like to enter! My name is Mika.I'll e-mail you the story in a minute. I'm posting about it on my life blog.



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