Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Awesome Doll names

Here are a few doll names for you to choose from if you get a new doll or if you just want to change your doll's name.


Savannah   Ashleigh or Ashley    Mallory   Madison   Meghan    Anna   Katherine    Katarina      Sophia      Julianne     Danielle   Michelle   Rachel   Dawn    Elise    Allyson    Jolie    Hayley or Hailey
Maria  Abigail  Judith   Lucy   Lilly or Lily  Brianna  Brittany   Tasha    Meredith    Callie   Carolyn   Lauryn  Laura  Emma   Avery   Adriana  Gabriella  Gabrielle   Zoe or Zoey


Jake  Jacob  Zachary  Zach    Leo  Anthony  Cameron  Jack   Ethan  Nathan  John  Joey  Bobby   Daniel  Aaron  Benjamin  Ben  Kevin  Connor or Conner  Luis  Noah

Yeah, there are more girl names than boy names in the list. Those are all the names that I can think of right now.


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