Thursday, June 13, 2013

Molly and Shaila's wish lists

Hello! I'm Shaila! I want to share my wish list and my sister's wish list with you girls! Since Hannah is taking a vacay today, she asked us to fill in! So, let's get started with my wish list!

                                        The Deluxe Diner set is totally my fave!

This is a new must-have!!!!

I would wear this everyday if I ever get it!


Molly has the right fashion choice here!

Rebecca looks BOMB!

Who wouldn't want that dress! Once again, there is a fashion icon right here!

Love!!! This is the best school outfit ever!

Okay, now, it's Molly's wish list.

I really like this. I would look gorgeous in this.

It all becomes drop-dead-fab!

Okay, IT'S me Shaila again! Molls has pretty short wish-list!

Shai-star and Golly Molly

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