Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Fake GOTY 2015 collection!

Here is my GOTY 2015 collection! All of it is fake! Her name is Brianna Harrison.
She is 10 and loves to sing!

That is Brianna!

This is her Purple Halloween Outfit!

This is her Casual Day Outfit!

Her Party Outfit!

Brianna's Red Flower Pajamas

This is one of Brianna's Best Friend, Danielle.
This is her other BFF, Mallory.

So, I won't be back until like a few hours later since I'm going to AG place Seattle with Ruby and Ellora Lynn. I'm gonna take a lot of pictures and post them here soon!



  1. She is pretty! I like her hair color.

  2. omg im Brianna i love that doll its so amazing

  3. Brianna looks just like me. Her name should be Elsie. I have the doll that you customized. I have 2 of the dolls you customized!

  4. really cool! i cant wait until they come out! i want her bff!

  5. can you make one named june?

  6. To the person who said they can't wait till they come out: You realize that these are fake photos, and the dolls will never come out?


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