Thursday, June 20, 2013

New AG items!

Here are the some of the new AG items! They will come out in July. NONE of these pics are mine!

Saige's new outfit! Adollable! I love the top! It's kind of weird to wear long sleeves in Summer, though. And a Picnic set for Saige! If I ever get 100,000 dollars, I would get this and the stuff below!

Adorable! A Science set! My mom would totally approve! I bet it's a little pricey, though.

Awesome!!!! I guess it's called the Delicious Breakfast set because of the boxes below! It's 58 dollars, so, probably not gonna get it soon.

#59! I want want want want want want want want want want her! She is soooo pretty! Now, if somebody (out of the ordinary) gets me another doll, it would have to be #59 or #57.

New pajamas and a bed for Coconut! I'm not crazy about the pajamas, but I want the bed and Coconut!

New outfits and accessories! The outfits shown in the top picture, are for mixing and matching and if you buy all three, you get the accessories in the bottom picture as a bonus. The second picture shows all the outfits in the top picture mixed. I have to get all of the outfits because I want the accessories sooo badly! But, if I had to get only 1 outfit, I would get the one in the middle of the top picture!

These earrings are already released at AGP Seattle, but the hair extension isn't. I like the Fancy Doll earrings the best and I also want the hair extension!

More cute outfits! There's Shaila modeling the Witch outfit! I want it! I don't really like the outfit on the right, though.

I want that locker! And the lunch on the "floor" is stack-able, I think.

The photos on the top and bottom are photos of... The New Campus Snack Cart!!!!  I also want it sooo  badly! I should make a new wishlist!  I love it soo much (not the price). It's 150 dollars, though.

The Basketball outfit! I want this, too, because basketball is my favorite sport! I love the colors! It comes with a ball, but the ball isn't shown.

Here is the picture of #60! I don't really want her, but I think she looks like my mom.

So, those are some of the new stuff coming out in July! Again, NONE of these pictures are mine.
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