Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hey! I have been really busy for the past few days with school. My school year ends next Friday. I also found out that my family and I were going on a Summer trip to California! I lived in CA until last year (Now, I live in WA). I don't know, but maybe I can go to the AGPlace LA! I have a feeling that soon there is going to be an AGplace San Francisco. Still, I don't know for sure if we're going to the AGplace LA, yet. Yesterday, at school, we went on a field trip! We went to Carkeek Park. It was really fun! Since the park was right next to the woods, my friends and I played hide and seek there (Don't worry, none of us got lost) and we played frisbee near the beach (I love sports)! So, don't be surprised if I don't post a lot next week, but I certainly post a lot during Summer!


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