Saturday, June 29, 2013

This or That #2

The last time we did a This or That was when this blog wasn't very known.
Now, I have 15 followers so I decided to do a This or That. BTW, some of these are already retired.
I don't have pictures for it though since I'm in Everett and the internet connection is really slow.
#59 OR #60
#22 OR #27
Mini Doll Nellie OR Mini Doll Ivy
Breakfast set OR Breakfast in Bed Set
Tropical Bloom Outfit or Saige's Tunic  Outfit
Chic Bun OR Hair extensions
McKenna's Party Dress OR Saige's Sparkly Dress.
Kanani OR Marisol
Lindsay or Molly
I would choose:
Mini Doll Nellie
Breakfast in Bed Set
Tropical Bloom Outfit
Chic Bun
Saige's Sparkly Dress
Lindsay (Because I already have Molly)
Okay! I have a few more updates to tell you.
First of all, when Molly is officially retired, I will sell her on eBay for 105 dollars (there will be tax) and I don't think I'll be including her hair ribbons or her shoes and socks. But her hair will be braided like before. With the money I get after selling her, I will get either  Rebecca, #59, #60, #55 or #38.
I didn't go to AG yesterday but I'm going on Sunday.

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  1. #59, #27, Mini Nellie, Breakfast in Bed Set,Tropical Bloom Outfit, Chic Bun,Saige's Sparkly Dress,Kanani,Lindsay.



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