Monday, June 17, 2013

Welcome to DDS! Dolly SM! Day #1

Welcome to Dynamite Doll School! Today is Day #1. I have lots of exciting stuff for you and your dolls today! We will save Talent Show Tuesday for next Tuesday (not the Tuesday after tomorrow). First of all, we have Dolly SM!

So the video that I picked from Youtube, was this...

This is an awesome AGSM by 5DollsStars! It's called Cafe Disaster! Go check out 5DollStars on youtube! They have great stopmotions!

Now for the Doll site of the Day, we have...

I just love that blog. I 'm not a follower, yet, but I read it all the time.

I have another surprise for you! From now on, I will be making Create-A-Dolls for you guys! I will make a form and post it on the blog.

The craft will be coming in the afternoon.


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