Saturday, July 27, 2013

AG poem

Here is a poem I found on Dollville!

(¯`v´¯) copy and paste
.`·.¸.·´ if you truly
¸.·´.·´¨) ¸.·¨)support, adore, and love
(¸.·´(¸.·´ (¸.·¨¯`☆ ♥American Girl Dolls♥ 

*I Pledge To Love American Girl

*Even if I can‘t do Art (Saige) 2013

*Even if my Goals are Sidetracked (McKenna) 2012

*Even if I can't help everyone (Kanani) 2011

*Even if nature is my home (Lanie) 2010

*Even if people are mean to me (Chrissa) 2009

*Even if I don't have much money (Gwen) 2009

*Even if I used to bully(Sonali)2009

*Even If I cant get sport moves right (Mia) 2008

*Even if I’m busy training helper dogs (Nicki) 2007

*Even If I feel far away (Jess) 2006

*Even If I move (Marisol) 2005

*Even if I miss a wave (Kailey) 2003

*Even If people don’t understand my creativity (Lindsey) 2001

*Even if families grows apart (Julie)1974

*Even if I feel invisible at home (Ivy) 1974

*Even if Family is off at war (Molly) 1944

*Even if my parents aren't around (Emily) 1944

*Even in a Great Depression (Kit) 1934

*Even if life isn't always a fairytale (Ruthie) 1934

*Even if Family is in trouble (Rebecca)1914

*Even if friends need help (Samantha)1904

*Even if I don't fit in with the crowd (Nellie) 1904

*Even when my Country is divided (Addy)1864

*Even when I Leave My Home (Kirsten) 1854

*Even if My Friends are Different (Marie-Grace) 1853

*Even if Loved one's are Sick (Cecile) 1853

*Even when I lose someone I love (Josefina) 1824

*Even if the Country is at War (Caroline) 1812

*Even when the King is cruel (Felicity) 1774

*Even if my best friend has different beliefs (Elizabeth) 1774

*Even when I make mistakes (Kaya) 1764


  1. Cool! But no offence to the person who wrote this, but Nicki's problem wasn't that she was training the service dog, it was that she couldn't say the word No! xD


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