Monday, July 8, 2013

Another re-do of what I want to get at AG

I not you guys are choosing the doll for me out of the ones I'm okay with, but Saige, would be my first GOTY if I got her (so she stands out) and I already have Molly so I wouldn't need to get Emily and I have a MAG already. :) Saige! :) Saige! She is already screaming for me to get her! Well, I decided I like Saige a little better than the others because I just received the new catalog and Saige just looks...

Indescribable! She looks so pretty! Its the first time AG used that eye color and done ear piercing on a GOTY. And the first time with a ring!!!!

Anyway, here is what I want to get at AG. I figure I'll make more than $230 because I estimated everything we're selling. We're basically selling the clothes I've overgrown, ALL the furniture (I'll make over 100 by that!), clothes my mom has overgrown, my Easy-Bake oven, my Cupcake maker (yes, I'm a cook/chef) and etc.

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