Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blogs and Bloggers! #1

This is kind of like a shout out on Youtube, but it's on my blog instead!
1. OurAGAdventures!
She hosted the first giveaway I won! I love her blog series!
2. Mikaela!
She hosted the second giveaway I won! She is a great person to talk to!
3. Flower!
She is also very nice and I did my first and only interview with her!
Now, for blogs:
1. Dollygirl's Treasures!
This blog is awesome! I wish my blog would become like this blog in the future!
2. Fun with AGFan!
I love the craft tutorials! I helped Amaya advertise this blog!!! I love her dollies (especially #24! Don't tell McKenna!)
3. Dolls and Dance!
This is Ellora's blog! She takes very good pictures! She shows how to stretch for ballet and her dolls post, too!
Don't feel bad if you or your site is not on there. That probably means it'll come on the next Blogs and Bloggers!
Do you like this post?
Comment then that you like it so I'll keep doing it.
Ps. If you want to be interviewed or if you want to interview me (or the dolls), then just email me if you want.


  1. Cool!1 I could interview, hop over to my blog, link, * and go to interviews page...


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