Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blogs and Bloggers! #2

This is kind of like a shout out on Youtube, but it's on my blog instead!
1. Autum n!
She is super nice! I did my 2nd interview with her!
She and I advertise each other's blogs! She is very nice!
3. Dollygirl!
She is a great friend! Kit and Sam are so cute!!
Now, for blogs:
1. Dollygirl's Treasures!
This is a GREAT blog! No wonder it has so many followers!
2. My American Girl Story!
I love this blog! It has great photo shoots and shows you how to get great deals on eBay!
3. AG Dolly Sisters!
This is where I got inspired to do photo stories!! She has Molly and #42, too! She also has other dolls, though.
Don't feel bad if you or your site is not there! That probably means it will be in the next Blogs and Bloggers!


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2. Be Nice
3. Always have fun!