Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eyes and Updates

Hi! Sorry this post is a little bit late. I went to the eye doctor in the morning and after that I went to North-gate Mall. I got second holes in my ears! I recently adjusted my AG doll house and moved it in a smaller walk-in closet. So, I'll post some pics of that later. I learned the waterfall braid and did it on Molly. I'm still not sure if I'll sell her. I'll be collecting in the future and be hoping my friends and parents get me some dolls or I can just get more instead of Molly. Because it's either Molly and the future or New dolls now in place of Molly and more in the future. So, basically Molly or 2 newbies.
Please comment below and vote. Remember the choices. They are Molly or 2 newbies.


  1. Hannah, just think, do you want Molly, who holds deep memories, or two new dolls?

  2. I agree, Molly is special! Plus, you could always just save money (doing extra chores and stuff around the house) and then have Molly AND two new dolls! If you sell Molly, you might regret it, and you'll never be able to get your special Molly back, the one with all the memories. :)

    1. Yeah you're also right. The only way I earn dolls is by winning spelling bees or Christmas because I do chores for free.

    2. You could mow the lawn for your neighbors, walk an elderly persons dog, or you could sell some of your toys that you've outgrown and are ready to pass on!

    3. Yeah! Those are great ideas!!!! Maybe I'll even hold a bakesale!

  3. Keep Molly and you would never regret it.

  4. you can always sell molly if you want when your older but if you sell her when your not ready to you can't take it back.


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