Monday, July 8, 2013

Lets hear it for... Sasha! Part 1!

So, today, we went to Alderwood Mall! My mom wouldn't let me get one thing at AG there (I took pictures, which I'll post tomorrow), but she let me get one thing at Toys R Us! So, I got the Sasha Boo and Co. set. It came with:
Sasha doll
a Dress
Purple jeans
Denim jacket
Gray Dangling Earrings
Blue circle earrings
Pink Triangle earrings
Purple handbag
Blue shopping bag w/ Stuffing
Mannequin/Doll stand
Cash register
Small table
Hair elastics
3 Price tags
Wow! A lot!!!
Anyway, I made a house for Christina and Sasha. It's a shelf in my closet that is really high.
Part 2 will come tomorrow.

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