Sunday, July 21, 2013

Little miss AG!

I just thought and thought of what the giveaway should be about and this crossed over my mind!

A Little Miss AG Pageant!

So each perdon will submit photos of their 18 inch dolls and I will choose a random one!

Or something like that.

You know, where the first round is submit a photo of you doll, the second round is submit a pic of your doll's talent. The third round is submit a picture of your doll in a costume!


  1. Awesome!!

    Not to be nagging, but please check your e-mail again!

    1. well, this is what I wrote,
      Um is it OK if the YouTube social media con isn't ice cream cone Popsicle, or sunglasses? Or would you like it to stay that?

    2. Yeah it's okay if the social media button doesn't have something on it but I think it should match the colors.


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