Friday, July 5, 2013

Photo story #1

Hello! Here is the first photo story I have for you. It's called, Where are we?

Shaila woke up and found that she was on a chair. She touched something that turned out to be Molly. She woke her up.

Molly woke up and asked the same question Shaila asked. "Where are we?" Shaila said " I have no idea, but it seems we're on a chair.

They decided to jump off.

Then Molly said " Maybe we can find our way to the dollhouse from here!"  Shaila agreed. So off they went.

Then, right before them stood a tall door.

Molly asked "How do we get in?" Shaila replied " I'll check if the door is open."

The door was open! Shaila used her tiny little fingers to open the door wider.

"Yay!" They yelled as they entered the room. They were finally back home in their sweet little house.

Love,  Hannah

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