Sunday, July 21, 2013

Read an excerpt of my new book from my new series

So, I started a series a few days ago.
I have an excerpt from the first book for you!

So, the series is called...


The first book is called Sadie the Star!

Here is the excerpt.

Chapter 1:

It was morning.
Of the first day in Sadie's new school.
She was very scared.
She just woke up to her brother playing the guitar.
Sadie yelled "Jake! Stop it!"
Jake slammed her door open and sang "It's the first day of school. Rise and Shine!"
Sadie said "You know I hate that!"
Jake replied "And that's why I do it!"
Sadie and Jake argued for a couple more minutes until their dad started yelling at them.
Jake left the room and Sadie turned on her computer.
She went to a program called KidsChat.
Sadie logged in and started chatting with her best friend, Iris.

Iris joined chat...

Me¦ Hey Iris! Are you nervous for the first day of school?
Iris is typing...
Iris¦ Hi! Kind of. I missed you!
Me¦ So, have you met any friends in Summer Camp?
Iris is typing...
Iris¦ Yeah! I met this really nice girl named Ashley! And she is coming to our school!
Me¦ That's nice! I met a girl at the Summer Camp I went to and she is coming here too! Her name is Layla.
Iris is typing...
Iris¦ Well, we better get going! We're probably gonna be late!
Me¦ You are so right! Bye!
Iris is typing...
Iris¦ Bye!

Sadie packed her backpack.
" Pencils in Pencil case, check! Bunny Eraser, check! Notebooks, check! Binder, check! Random book, check! Keys, check!"
Sadie was all set!
                                                              Chapter 2¦ 
In the school bus, Sadie grabbed her random book and started reading. She was halfway in her book when the bus stopped at her school. Sadie climbed out of the school bus and saw Iris and another girl linking elbows with her. Sadie ran to Iris and greeted Iris. Sadie said shyly "Hello! You must be Ashley."
"And you are Sadie, right? Iris told me all about you!" Then, Sadie felt somebody tap her on the back. 

In order to find out who tapped Sadie on the back, read the first book which will be up in a few days!
Anyway, do you like it?

Oh and I have to Postpone Minty Productions because I cannot find my IPod touch!


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