Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Survey/Question the followers!!!!

I just wanted to survey you to see what you think about this blog and just comment the answer below. :)
On August 5th, I will pick one of you to blog guest post. :) :) :)

1. How many times a day do you come here?
A. Almost every second. :)
B. Whenever I see a new post. :)
C. Hardly. : /

2. Are you satisfied with how many posts I do each day?
A. Very Satisfied :)
B. Satisfied :)
C. Okay :)
D. Not Satisfied : /
E. Very Un-Satisfied :(

3. Do you like to keep Blogs and Bloggers or Follower of the Month?

4. Photo shoots or Photo Stories?

5. Amaya's Awesome Tuesday Crafts or Hairstyles with Hannah Tuesday?



  1. 1. D, daily or when I get notified of a new post.
    2. A
    3. Yes, I've found a lot of blogs through that type of feature.
    4. Both. Sometimes a shoot is easier than a story.
    5. Both, you can alternate your Tuesdays.

  2. 1~A. :)

    2~ By far A! :)

    3~ Of course! I love those!

    4~ I honestly like photo stories, but whatevers easier for you.

    5~ Amaya's Awesome Tuesday Crafts! I love Crafts!

    Thanks Hannah!


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