Friday, July 5, 2013

This or That AG style #3

I know I have done this recently, but it's still fun!
Again, I don't have any pictures because the internet is still a bit slow.
All of the ones above the line are dolls because it will help me decide which one I want.
Let's get started!
#59 or #60
Emily or #33
#22 or #27
#55 or #56
Saige or Caroline
Now for outfits!
Purple Peacock PJs or I love Pets PJs
Plaid Party Dress or Emily's Purple dress
Cozy Sweater Outfit or Weekend Fun Outfit
Purple Espadrilles or Bow-toe Moccasins
What I would pick:
BTW, I'm picking the doll version later because I want to know what you think of that, but I'll be doing the other stuff right now.
Purple Peacock PJs
Not Sure (Need ur help here)
Not sure either (Need ur help here, too)
Purple Espadrilles

1 comment:

  1. Both.

    Purple Peacock!
    Purple Espadrills.


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