Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thoughts on Some new AG shoes and socks

I know you're probably tired of these posts, but I just wanted to do it for no reason.

These? Cute, but not getting these anytime soon. Love the bow and the polkadots, but not the colors. I would give it a B+ I think this would be perfect for Pretty Lilly!
These are also cute, but not my favorite! I love the color!!!! Molly just told me she wanted this when we go to the AG store again soon (And GET A NEW DOLL). Okay, I guess, i would give it a A-
WOW!!!! I love this!!! Wish there was a girl sized version. I HAVE TO GET THIS. LOVE EVERY SINGLE PART OF IT!!! Shaila wants it, too (Molly thinks it's to glam).  I have to pick this up soon!!!! So, A+!
This isn't really what I wanted. Sorry AG, but  those white socks, are not very cool. Love the black leggings though! Or are they gray? Pink socks? Okay, but, again not my favorite. Overall I would give this set a B-

What are your thoughts?

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