Sunday, July 14, 2013

Type My Life

So, I wanted to do this Type my Life thing. I got inspired by OurAGAdventures!

Here it is.

Around October of 2011, I was at one of my friend's house. There, I got introduced to American Girl Dolls. My friend had #57 and I played with her. My friend showed me the catalog and I INSTANTLY fell in love with AG. I knew my parents couldn't afford it, but a girl could dream!
That December, I got Isabella, a Madame Alexander doll from the same friend who introduced me to AG.

We moved to Seattle.
Around Spring Break, I learned there was an American Girl Store here.
I begged my dad and we went! I got an AG catalog and I really wanted a doll.
But my parents said No.

On March 8, I won the School Spelling bee. 
That is how I got my first doll, Shaila!
I also got the exclusive Sweet Dreams Pjs with her.
We went to the store to get her after church.
On March 24, I made it a few rounds less to winning the Regional Spelling bee.
There, My mom's friend promised to buy me a new doll.
On April 24, I went to the store again to get the doll my mom's friend promised.
She was Molly! I also got the Raspberry glasses with her.
A week after that, I went to the AGP Seattle again to get the hairbrush!!
And here I am, about to get a new doll!

And that is my Type my Life!


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