Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What I want from the AG Sale!!!

Note this stuff is not numbered.

I really wanted these pajamas a looong time ago when they weren't retired, but when I had the money, they were gone.

This cap is super cute!
I wanted this because it is only 5 dollars.
I have to get this!!!! Every part of it is so cute!
Tis are the accessories to the outfit on top! I love every part of it!
I really really really love this dress! I just wish they still had the Rosy Red one.
I love love love this! It is my most favorite item on sale! Mommy, please get me this!!!!!
This is super cute! My BFF has it.
Isn't this pair of Sunglasses from Girloftheyearstudios's intro?

That is all the stuff I want from the AG sale!

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