Saturday, August 17, 2013

AG Store and More!

Hi! We are going to AG pretty soon! I have $20 saved up! 4.75 for the cafe and two dollars for tax and $14 to spend! This time I will try to bring my camera to take better pictures. What do you think I should get? Remember $14 or less! 
Here are the choices:
Bow toe moccasins($14) 
Purple espadrilles($14) 
Ear piercing for dolls($14)
Sweet socks and tights set($12)
Bright Highlights set ($12) 
Blue tank and Brief set ($12)
Striped Sneakers ($14)
Flower Purse for dolls ($8)
Go Girl Sunglasses ($10)
Healthy Smile set ($14)

I need everyone to vote!!!! 
Spread the word! I'll at least need 10 votes! Vote by commenting about which one you think I should choose!!!!



Have fun commenting!
1. No bad words
2. Be Nice
3. Always have fun!