Wednesday, August 21, 2013

AGVille's News Issue: August/September

This came out late, but we have the first issue of....

PS. There are more articles than the front cover says (Keep that in mind each issue) and this is a SUPER LONG POST.

Note: I will soon put up a page that says AGVille's Current Issue and it will have the links to the issues we have out.

Article 1: Minipparel rules Etsy!

Article 2: Follower of the Mag!

Article 3: Blogs of the Mag!

Article 4; Fun Favorites: ReleaseRain!

Article 5: Back To School Fashion!

Article 6; Special Article: How to Superb Up your Doll House!



Minipparel Rules Etsy!

Minipparel is a new Etsy shop that has opened in July!
The Amazing Shop owner is Sarah!
She has very great fashions all over her shop for dolls! 

Starts with a denim Jacket....

All the way to Skinny Jeans!

Here are some pictures of some stuff she has in her shop!

Awesome, Right! Perfect for back to School!


Follower of the Mag!

And the follower of the mag is................


Her blog:

Please take this award:


Blogs of the Mag!

Take this award if you are blog of the mag!


Fun Favorites: ReleaseRain!

What is YOUR FAVORITE ITEM from ReleaseRain Etsy Shop?

Comment it below and you'll be featured in the Fun Favorites of Next issue!
Back to School Fashion!

Has your school started? Mine will start on September 4th.
How about your dolls? Have they started School, yet?
Well, if they haven't, then, this article is PERFECT for them!
Here are some cute fashions for them to wear on the first day of school!


A Special Article; How to Superb Up Your DollHouse!

We just redid our dollhouse - Updated tour coming soon! We will be showing you how to Superb it up a bit!

On your Dolly's nightstand, you could put some these things! Glasses are just a fun detail to put in, the watch is so she can see the time, the spray bottle is a little lamp and the dice is just a little accessory. The Dog is a pencil sharpener!
If you have a kitchen, adding things your dolls can bake on is a good idea. A microwave out of cardboard would also be good!
If you have a mud room, adding shoes and shopping bags would superb it up!

Add a storage bin and you can put your doll stuff in there that is lying around! On top of that, you can make it a bed or add some furniture to make it a doll room.

I put some AG books and catalogs on there.

And that is the Special Article!!!
That is the first issue of AGVille's News!
Hope you like it!



  1. That's really cool! I can't wait for the giveaway!

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for making me follower of the mag! I love all of Releaserain's hightops!


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