Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Decisions, Decisions ... Doll magazine?

Hi Guys! The decisions decisions part is that I don't think I will get more AG dolls. I think that I will get more if I end up with a gift card that is $300 or  more, but if I get a smaller one, I will just get stuff for my dolls. What I really want right now is Journey Girl Kyla. She is sooo adorable!!!!! Or maybe a Hearts 4 Hearts Doll! They are sooo adorable, too!

Doll magazine:

I have been thinking about doing a doll magazine or something like that to push up my blog a little. I have been taking a break, but I think it's time to get back to business. I also have been thinking about something like Sunday Showcase or From a Friend Friday, but I call it...

Wednesday Wonders!!!

Its just where you send photos in and they go on the blog! Have you checked out the Doll Pad? Or maybe The Doll Machine? Or How about the Doll Photo Album?
Go check them out!!!

So, your opinions count as comments on:

Wednesday Wonders and Doll magazine.


I just wanted to remind you...

Visit my doll's blog! Heather has a Heart!!!


  1. Oh, I like your decision. Build the wardrobe and accessories for your current AG and maybe add non-AG siblings. Very nice.
    I really want a Hearts4Hearts doll.

    1. I would also like to add to the clothes for my AG collection because the only pants/jeans I have for my dolls are pajama pants so I am hoping somebody would do a giveaway for some doll pants! I would totally enter!
      I want a Hearts4Hearts too! I am think about Mosi or Lauryce or Zelia.

  2. Cool! Your ideas are great, and I think more people would read your blog if you did them.


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