Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dollhouse tour! Part 1: mud room

Here is the first room of my new dollhouse!
This is the mud room! This is the first room in the house! 
It contains a storage thing full of random stuff like a barrette and Heather's phone.
On top of that, there is the raspberry glasses inside its case.
On it's right, there is an AG shopping bag, a Doll sized Easter basket used as a mailbox and Molly's shoes.
This is what is in the mailbox.
In front of the storage case, we have the doll hair brush, a box full of hair elastics and the spray bottle. 
This is the left side.
We have some boots.
A small shopping bag.
A big shopping bag that is reversible. This is the first side.
This is the second side.

And this is the mud room!!!

Part 2 will be coming tomorrow!

Love, Hannah


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