Monday, August 19, 2013

Join the Club!!!!

I have started a club for 18 inch dolls!
It is called AGVille's Dolls.
There is no posting schedule there! You can post WHENEVER YOU WANT!!!!
To join, email me at, along with a picture of the doll you're gonna enter!

1. You have to have an 18 inch doll.
2. You can only enter ONE of your dolls.
3. You must have an email I can contact you with.
That's it! Only 3 Rules to enter.

::::::::::The Club Rules::::::::::
1. You must follow the rules.
2. Never use God's name in vain.
3. Never Swear.
4. Be nice.
5. Have TONS OF FUN!!!!!!!

Please enter!!!

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1. No bad words
2. Be Nice
3. Always have fun!