Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Updated Dollhouse Tour!!

This is my updated again, dollhouse tour! It also doubles as Camp Adventure!

Nothing much has changed in the kitchen!
The mud room has changed a bit.
This is the arts and crafts table for camp. It is just a table with knick-knacks on it.

On it, we have some art pads...
A dog sharpener...
A UW lunchbox...
And the mailbox 
And we have a backpack behind that table.

Now we have the basic bedroom. All the furniture in here was made from ONE big storage bin. 
First off, the bunk bed. This is the main storage bin part.

This is Heather's bed (Top bunk).

We have another storage bin next to it and on top of the storage bin are some random doll stuff. I will take down some of the random doll stuff later, but leave the diary and pencil there.

This is Molly's bed (Bottom Bunk)
Here is the desk. It is a drawer from the storage bin! You can probably guess the stuff on it.
Behind the desk is a purple wall (The top of the storage bin.

We used this for the chair for the desk.
On the purple wall, we have a sign. Sorry about the picture's bad quality. It looks tilted, but it really isn't.

You can see the whole dollhouse here!!

Hope you like it!!!

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  1. I love how you used the storage bin as a bunk bed! :)


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