Sunday, August 25, 2013

Photo Story: where is my Hairbrush??? Part 2

Here is the second part....

30 minutes later... Heather was awake already. Molly still hadn't found her hair brush.
"Oh Heather!!! I still can't find it! I guess I may have to go to that photo shoot with messy braids!"

"Wait up, Molly. I think I know who might have took the hair brush!" Said Heather.

"What do you mean? Are you sure I haven't lost it?"
"I am serious! Maybe the non-AGs took it!" Replied Heather.
"Well, maybe! That would work as an explanation. The non-AGs are really rude." Said Molly.
While Molly was saying that, Heather saw the hairbrush on the floor. She tried to grab it, but a hand already took it. 

Who do you think took it?
Stay tuned tomorrow for part 3!
Love, Hannah

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