Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review of The Cutest Swimsuit ever+more!

Here is a review for you girls!
Thanks so much to Mena Bella For Sponsoring this blog!
Today, I will be reviewing a very adorable outfit! You can mix and match with it to! To me, it is a 3 in 1 outfit!

Here is the first outfit you can create with it! Lin, I am begging you to make a girl sized outfit like this! I would have to  ask for it for Christmas!
This is the second outfit! Heather: Hi Molly! See me!!!

The third! Who doesn't want to wear this?

It comes with a tote bag, shorts/skirt, swimsuit and headband!
This is the first and main part! It is an adorable doll swimsuit!
It has very cute zebra fabric that really feels like swimsuit material!
The swimsuit has green lining!
Now for the shorts/skirt!
This is the skirt part. It is very cute and both sides match the swimsuit very well!
This is the fabric on the other side of the skirt! It is very cute!!!! My dolls are in love with polka dots!
We roll that side over the green shorts...
And we have some shorts with a belt!
Isn't that neat?
Then we have the tote bag that has a bung of different fabrics!
There is...
Polka dot fabric,
Denim Fabric,
Floral fabric,
And striped fabric,
With Chevron for the bottom!
The handles are green to match the shorts/skirt!
And for the last, but totally not least, we have the headband!
We have green fabric in the inside and...
Swirly fabric on the outside!
Here is the whole set!
It is so adollable!

Here are more pictures:
Heading to the beach!
I love this angle! It makes the zebra fabric really pop out!

I want to say thank you to my sponsor, Lin from Mena Bella!
The link to her Etsy:

Love, Hannah

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