Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Dorothy Diaries

Hi girls!
It is Dorothy!
My mom made me do this thing called a Diary. It sounds so cheesy!
So, today, I took a modeling class and here are a few pictures I modeled in!
Those were pictures from modeling a skirt that looked fabulous in me!!!!
I modeled a couch!
This is also for the skirt!
Mom had to re do my curls!
There! They look better now!
So, you know what else happened?
Heather. Heather happened.
She started bragging because she got to be the main star in mommy's first photo story on American Girl photo story star!
I am so sick of her!!!!!
Why oh why does she have to be my sister!
Another thing that happened was ballet class! It was fun, but I didn't really like it. Zoe did! She is now taking permanent ballet lessons!
She is loving it!
Frankie is taking it, too because Zoe is taking it! Copycat!
Sasha has been really busy these days and I have zero idea why!
I am so suspicious!
Anyway, I am so tired, I better call that a post!

Love, Dorothy

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