Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We got Internet connection! Plus What I think about Fall AG release!

I am only gonna talk about the new stuff for AG dolls not the new bitty babies.

Super cute! But it's price is as much as an AG doll!!!!
Love this! I can get it, but I want outfits instead. Also hate that it doesn't come with curlers.
I Love this!!!!
I am sooo gonna pick this up! It's sooo cute!
I love this! Might as well get it too!
I really love this! I don't think I will get it but there is really nothing wrong with it!
Read above
This will be MINE!!!!!!!!! Love the price! It's actually worth it!
This is really cute! And I am loving the price!
I Hate this!!! 
Love the tube like Chrissa's but I hate that snowman. And the price.
*I throw a fit and yell "Mommy get me this!!!!!!"*
 This is cute but I hate the price.

I love AG books!
This is okay...
This is cute
This is awesome! Hate the price though. In my opinion it should be $14
I love this ! It is better than the cozy sweater outfit!

Okay so that is my post! I might have missed something, but that is ok. 
I got the Internet by the way.
Love, Hannah

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