Saturday, September 21, 2013

Photo shoot tips

Right now, I will show you some Photography/Photo shoot tips!
Who doesn't love them?

1. Shoot from a different angle for every picture
Everyone wants interesting pictures, right?
So, follow this tip!
2. Dolls do something
To make your photos a little bit more fun, take a picture of your dolls doing something!
If she is outside, she might be running, lying on the ground, holding a flower, playing in snow, jumping on the leaves, etc.
If she is inside, she might be cooking, sleeping, bumping into stuff, crafting, dancing, etc.
3. Sun Effects
Sometimes you should let the Sun creep into your pictures!
It creates this cool effect!
4. Very Fun Hair
Try different hairstyles on photoshoots!
In this picture, Molly's hair is on her shoulder and all down. It looks very pretty, don't you think?

Hope you like those little tips!

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