Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review of the AGP Seattle Part 2

Hi! Good day to you all!

Today, we have part 2. I will share some notes on what to bring and will explain the store to you.

The Store

The AGPS is only 1 single floor. And they keep the bistro, hair salon, creativi-tees, Bitty Babies, Bitty Twins, GOTY, MAG, Historicals and Store Exclusives there. Amazing, right?
It is crowded a lot!
They have great displays, like every AGP does. But... the displays are not in order and everywhere!
Moving on....I have never been to an event there where you need a reservation so I have 0 idea where they put the people enjoying the event. Overall, I would rate it an A-.

The Staff

The staff is super nice and they make me want to shop!
On my first visit there, one of the employees handed me 2 catalogs and asked me if it was my first time there, Well, it was and so I said yes. That was around September, 2012.
When I went to the bistro, same thing happened except I wasn't given catalogs, I said yes, it was my first time in the bistro. I had a great time and my mom and I enjoyed the delicious food.That was around Summer, 2013.
I heard one of the stylists at the Doll Hair Salon ask a girl there if she was enjoying school (That was also in Sep, 2012). So, I give the staff a big fat A+!

The Doll Hair Salon, Bistro and Creativi-Tees

The DHS, B and C-T are fabulous! The Doll Hair Salon has every perfect hairstyle!
Plus, awesome extras! Also, ear piercing for dolls. The Bistro has excellent food and one meal has a lot in it! I would recommend eating at the bistro! I loved my time there and so did my mom!
The C-Ts are okay. They have great designs, I just wished they had different colored shirts to choose from.

What to bring with you

1) Camera!!!!!!
2) A Doll, of course
3) Money ( to buy something)

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