Saturday, September 21, 2013


Hi girls and guys! I am so sorry I have not posted for you in so long. We moved again. Guess when! Friday, the 13th! Weird, right?

I know some of you have been wondering about Mix it and Match it and it will be posted later in the day! Anyways, I was sick yesterday so I did not go to school. I am still sick, but a little bit better.

Lately, I have been watching A LOT of Barbie movies. You gotta admit, their movies are really good! Here is a link where you can view tons of them for free! HERE
And you know what? I am not leaving for good, but I will be posting less.
When, I moved, I reorganized my doll space. I did not have much space for my dolls so I put their stuff in a purple sparkly storage bin. I don't have a doll corner or a doll house anymore.
Lately, I also have been working on some blog designs, BTW, the design right now is just until I get my real blog design finished. I also have been designing AGVDC! You might have seen most of it already. If you wanna join, click HERE.

Okay, so I have a very very very very very special announcement!
Emily (Dolllover) will be helping me with posts! She agreed to help me publish my posts on these days: Sat, Sun, Tues, Thurs and Fri. That was super nice of her!

Have you heard about Doll Diaries latest giveaway?
Fashion History Giveaway
You can win this! I entered! I really want to win.

And don't forget Hanna's Hangout!

There will be 2 winners! I entered! I neeeeeeeeeeeed the Orange Set!


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