Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Giving Halloween: A Review of an AWESOME Cowgirl Outfit!

Hi girls and dolls!!!
It is the 2nd day of a Giving Halloween. 
Remember yesterday's review? If you listened closely, Heather was suspiciously talking to someone on the phone about a costume! Well, today we are reviewing her Costume -Sponsored by DreamWorld Collections! Thank you, Edyta for letting me review this! 
"Ding Dong!" The doorbell dinged. Heather opened the door. There was no one there. She looked down and saw a few packages.
"It's here!!!" She yelled.
Molly came running "Can't a girl ever get enough Beauty Sleep around here???"
"Sorry!" Heather said.
She carried her packages inside and sat down.
Then, she carried them onto my bed and started opening.
She started with the first package! In that came a cute skirt and a fashionable top!
She opened the second one next. In it were Cowgirl Boots!
Then she opened the package that was packaged in weird fabric.
Creeping out was....
A Gorgeous hat that completed the outfit!
Heather decided to try the outfit on.
There she is! The amazing outfit!

Heather feels like Saige!
Enough pictures :)

Now onto the review sponsored by DreamWorld Collections!
First, I will review the top!
It has big Diamond-shaped jewels on the neck.
It also has a bunch of little ruffles!
DreamWorld Collections used brown fabric for this top -VERY SOFT fabric!
It opens and closes with Velcro!
Next is the skirt. It is made out of beige fabric that is very soft, too.
It has the same jewels as the shirt!
And the skirt slips right on your doll! Not to mention- It's stretchy!
Next, we have the boots!
They have a really cool design on them!
They are easily zippered on and off!
The last item in this set -but certainly not least, is the hat!
It is the same color of the top and it is also VERY SOFT, but very firm.
The hat has little beads going around it through a cord.
The beads have Southwest patterns!
I hope you like my review!
Thanks again to Edyta/DreamWorld Collections for sponsoring me!
Information you might wanna know:
This review is sponsored by DreamWorld Collections.
Their link is:
Please visit their shop!
The dolls I am using are Molly and MAG #42 (Heather).
Molly is wearing pajamas from AF and shoes from ReleaseRain!
Heather is wearing the Cowgirl Outfit from DreamWorld Collections.



  1. That outfit is adorable. I love the boots!


  2. I thought the story was pretty funny. I loved the cow girl boots they were sooooooooooooo cute.

    1. Yay, thanks! I know, the Cowgirl boots are wayyyy too cute!
      Heather is so spoiled!


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