Friday, October 11, 2013

A Giving Halloween: A review of Some Tasty Treats!

Good day!
Hannah here with another Amazedolls review sponsored by Dolly's Dining Room! Thank you Karalee for sponsoring me!!!
Well, as usual, all my reviews start with a photo story!!!!
It was a very gloomy day in our part of WA.
But not so much in AGVille Household!
Heather woke up late and decided to pour herself some cereal. She thought Molly was still asleep.
5 minutes later, Molly came back into the kitchen. She had woke up really early and had went to the amazing restaurant/bakery called Dolly's Dining Room!
"Good morning Molls! Wait what?" She said.
Molly replied "I woke up early! It's already lunchtime. I went Dolly's Dining Room and got us some treats!"
"Well, what are we waiting for? Lets dig in!"
Molly took the take out box out of her bag.
And then, she took the lid off. And there they were! Their tasty treats!
Here are the cookies all together! 3 cookies! Halloween-themed cookies!
Lets take a look at them each.
Lets start with with the first cookie! This cookie is shaped into a ghost :)
Here are some details they have added!!!
A doll-sized candy corn has been added, too!
Just look at the frosting! It is white and very swirly, just like real frosting! Yummy!
And the back :) BTW, each cookie is made out of polymer clay! And the back has small little decorative holes just like real cookies.
Now, we have the second cookie!
It is shaped like a cat face!
It has 3 whiskers carved into it. There we have candy corn eyes and a red sprinkle for the nose!
It is brown and unbelievably smooth!
The quality is very good!

The last one is shaped into a jack-o-lantern!
With swirled up frosting!
And eyes and mouth made out of candy corns! The candy corns are firm and they look like real candy corn!
Then we have some green frosting to complete it! The frosting feels so swirly!
What doll would not love this?
The overall score for this set in my opinion is a fat A+!
Heather and Molly are digging in, I'm afraid there won't be any left for me!

Information you might like to know:
This review is sponsored by Dolly's Dining Room.
Their link is:
This set is the Halloween Sugar Cookies set!
Molly is wearing a dress from MandySewSweet, shoes from her meet outfit and a headband from Minipparel. Heather is wearing a shirt from AG, a skirt from DreamWorld Collections and boots from DreamWorld Collections.

Well, what else is there to say now?
Have a Sugary Halloween!


  1. The review is good Hannah but you didn't describe it. I mean what's the quality? How do they feel? How do they fit in the dolls hands? But those are just suggestions it was really good

    1. Actually, I did describe them and how they felt. But those are great suggestions! And I did not put them in my dolls hands because I didn't want them to accidentally fall and break :( They are very firm, though, I was just trying to be careful since it was my first doll food review :)

  2. Oh, very nicely done. For your next, you might want to show them "eating" too. :)

  3. oh my gosh I got my create a doll back and she is awesome! thanks so much Hannah!!


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