Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Giving Halloween: A SCARY SUPER GIVEAWAY!!!!'

We are halfway through A Giving Halloween! To celebrate, we are having the giveaway sponsored by Mandy from MandySewSweet and Wendy from ThatsLolli !!!

What will one of you get?
A Beautiful, Halloween themed Dress sponsored by MandySewSweet....
A Cute, Minnie-Mouse Inspired, Elastic Headband sponsored by ThatsLolli...
And a Gorgeous, Pink, Elastic Headband also sponsored by ThatsLolli!

A lot! That will be a Beautiful Dress, a Cute Minnie-Mouse Inspired Elastic Headband and a Gorgeous Pink Elastic Headband for your doll!

That's 3 things that one of you will win!!!

First, we'll take a closer look at the dress.
It is made out of shiny, cotton fabric embellished with Sweet Treats! There are cupcakes, lollipops, Peppermints, candy drops and candy corn!
There is a touch of green "Bling-a-ding-ding" to it which is elastic ribbon.
There is also a shiny belt attached to it!
There is a purple ribbon attached to the belt- with a scary spider on it!
And we have elastic puffy sleeves!
Now, lets take a look at the headband!!!
It is made out of elastic with Minnie Mouse silhouettes all over it- don't forget hearts and black dots!
And to the Pink Headband!
It is also made out of elastic. Except this time- it is pink!
Okey-dokey, I am done with that :)
Photoshoot time- Please more that I did not include the pink headband in this because it was too hard to have two headbands on a doll at a time :)

That was a short, but fun Photoshoot!
Molly is tired now :D
Once again, the winner will win all of these :D

Now.. enter! Note that you have to do the option that shows up first, then it will show you the extra entries :)

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Okay! Spread the word! He giveaway is only open to US.
Interviews will be coming tomorrow :)



  1. Hey Hannah! What if these are my fave things? :) Thanks 4 the giveaway!


    1. That would be okay :)
      Thanks for entering!

  2. Awesome! I like the Little Girls Shirred Pillowcase Dress! :)

    1. Yay!! Thank you so much for entering :D

  3. I like the button toss fabric doll house.

  4. CONGRATS Debbie on winning! :)


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