Sunday, October 27, 2013

Official Updates to My Delightful Doll World

Yes, that's the new title, My Delightful Doll World, well, if we vote to keep it. I am still considering sticking with Super Dollies, but a lot of people hold grudges against the "word" Dollies. In that case, we might just change it to Super Dolls... Eh, that sounds... Well, weird. 
I have also changed Molly's name to Madelyn because I use her as a modern doll, not a historical doll. 

So it would be nice if you vote on these titles:
•Super Dollies
•Super Dolls
•My Delightful Doll World

Please note that I will be changing the URL to this blog if we change the name, but I will email you or comment the URL on your blog :)


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