Saturday, October 12, 2013

Our new Dollhouse tour!

Hello! The Photostory will come tomorrow because today I reorganized my dollhouse or doll space :)
Here is one part of it.
And the other.
In between the "halves" is this thing. 
First we will explore the first half which is basically just the mud room.
First up, we have a part of a shoebox that has my dolls shoes in it and some accessories on top of it.
Right next to it, we have my dolls' backpack.
And some shopping bags with some little hair accessories in them.
And a poster.
Here is a better look at the top of the shoe-shelf.
And here are the shoes in storage right now.
Now onto the other side of the bottom floor with a kitchen and a bedroom and a storage area. This is the bedroom it has a bunk bed in it.
Here is a better look at the top of he bunk bed. 
A better look at the posters.
In between the bedroom and kitchen, we have a lunchbox.
This is the kitchen.
Here is a sink.
A doll sized paper towel set and soap which is actually hand sanitizer. 
Here we have 3 cereal boxes, a cooking pan, cookies on a plate, candy and a small blue shopping bag.
And don't forget some nachos and a spoon!
Down here we have a rug.
Next to the kitchen is a storage space. We put our tote bag of doll clothes there.
Escalating to top floor.
This is the small top floor.
This is basically the living room/game room.
I will put that hairbrush back to it's original place later :)
Molly is sitting on her favorite bean bag chair.
This is the top of the table! On it we have a watch, a bracelet, cards, a catalog cut out, "duct tape" which is basically black Velcro and a mini "trash pack".
Far back there is one poster.
And this is my dolly dream house!

Hope you like it!


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