Saturday, October 5, 2013

Photostory/Photoshoot/Review on a Darling dress!

Hi! Today is the start of.......
A Giving Halloween!
It is my first Halloween Post Series ;)
We start it of with an amazing Photostory/Review sponsored by 3 Sisters Doll Boutique!
Well! Here it is!

It was a fine, fall day at the Super Dollies Household. Molly was cooking breakfast.
Heather had just came back from an early shopping trip. She waved to Molly. "Hey, Molls! I have something for you!"
Molly replied "I can't leave my cooking unattended! Get over here!"
Heather came and she said "Here! Open it!" She handed the bag to Molly.
Molly took it. She said "I will open it, but first, lets sit down."
They sat down. Molly finally opened it! 
"A Dress! How pretty! It will finish off my Halloween costume! I will be a fairy!"
"I knew it was The Dress! I will be a cowgirl, but I have not gotten my outfit, yet."
"Oh Okay! I will try this dress on now with my fairy wings!" (Fairy wings did not come with the dress.)
Meanwhile, Heather had some work to do. She grabbed her phone and called to check in, "When is my costume coming? She asked. The receiver of the call said "Tomorrow!" Then they hung up as soon as Molls came back.
"You look great!" Heather said to Molly.
"Thanks! Now, grab the camera and start. The Photoshoot!" Molly replied.
So, Heather grabbed a camera. Here are the pictures she took!

Beautiful :)

I call this the monkey pic xD
Back on ground and better than ever!

That's the end of the Photoshoot! Which picture do you like best?
I know you've been waiting sooo long for this part.....

The Review! Sponsored by 3 Sisters Doll Boutique, of course!
Wanda from 3 Sisters Doll Boutique sent me this Gorgeous/Elegant/Adorable/Adollable/Cute/Pretty dress to review!
It is made out of silky blue fabric that looks very elegant!
Every Dress HAS to have a small detail to it, doesn't it! Well, this dress has an adorable ruffled belt! The ruffles are made of super-shiny golden fabric and white shiny fabric.
It is a V-necked dress! Totes adorbs! 
The skirt is gathered! It is fit for any princess or queen or elegant Dollie!
It looks fantabulous with Molly's Mary-Janes!
Molly decided to take her wings off to show you the back of the dress!
This is the back of the dress! It is as adorable as the front!
It opens and closes with some Velcro :)
I hope you like my review! 
Here is some information that you might like to know:
The Sponsor of this review is 3 Sisters Doll Boutique!
Their link is:
The Dolls I am using are MAG #42 (Heather) and Molly McIntire from American Girl.
The outfit that Heather is wearing is called the True Spirit Outfit made by AG and it comes with MAG dolls.
The phone that Heather is using is from Madame Alexander.

Okay, enough of that info. :)
Molly and I say Bye-Bye!!! 

and Heather


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