Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some Doll stuff at Target

Hi! A few days ago, I got to go to Target. I didn't bring my camera with me, but I did note down some stuff in my brain. And note that I did not buy anything.

I walked into the first toy aisle. On that aisle were Disney Dolls, Monster High and Barbie. I did not get a chance to look at Barbie, but I did get to see the rest. I noticed that in the Disney Dolls section, there were two new dolls for the new Disney Original Movie called "Frozen". The first one had a blonde french braid down her shoulder. She had bright blue eyes. Her dress was blue. The second one was dressed in a few different colors and had a cloak. She had red hair that was long. She had eyes like her sister. So. moving on to Monster High. I noticed quite a few dolls there and a lot of big play sets. A lot of the Create your own Monster Dolls were there. I also saw some dolls for "13 Wishes"
The next aisle contained of Equestria Girls, La Dee Da, baking stuff, Hearts4Hearts and Our Generation. Of course, I looked at the OG stuff first. They had some new outfits there, but not any new big play sets. I saw the RV Camper which I really wanted. They didn't have the kitchen there or the new dollhouse either. I saw the travel set which included a really adorable doll-sized camera!!! And at the Hearts4Hearts section, I only saw 2 things which were 2 dolls. Who were they? Mosi and Shola! I didn't want Shola. I really wanted Mosi, though! I didn't get much of a chance to look at La Dee Da or the baking stuff, but I got to check out the Equestria Girls! They had Twilight Sparkle and the rainbow one. They looked like they were totally made out of plastic. I mean a lot of dolls are, but they looked like it just by a scan. Oh! I also got to look at the Ever after High dolls, but they only had Raven. And Raven's face looked kind of squished :(
There you go! Thats what I saw that I remember :)

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