Thursday, November 21, 2013

Instagram, All Doll Studios, Closing AGVDC and more

Hi :)
Well, I'm really confused. I got another sponsor, which I'm very happy about and she is so nice. Just the weird thing I've noticed is that every time I suddenly feel discouraged, a new sponsor comes along and that keeps myself from leaving! I've made a lot of friends on Instagram, including agmarket and ag_snails. I kind of wanted to start an AGtube and am now doing a channel with ag_snails. It willl soon be up and running with the name Morgannahdolls!  I've started a new blog and am thinking to close AGVDC because its just the same people posting and none of the other members. My new site is called All Doll Studios and it is for every type of doll! For instance, Bratz, Barbies, La Dee Da, Hearts4Hearts, etc. I'm haven't had a chance to get ready for a good new post so I hope you will enjoy the recent Photoshoot on here for now :)
I got to design the blog lately and I did announce in the past that I was changing the name, but I kinda thought that name was "Cheesy" so maybe I'll keep the name we have right now or I'll change it to A Photo Story Fantasy. I'm really grateful you're still here reading my blog even if I can only post sometimes.

Gotta go do homework!

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