Sunday, December 22, 2013


Guess what! I'm going to watch Frozen in  3D tonight! I'm so excited. But first, we have a picture of Isabelle from Metro Family Magazine!
She is wearing her meet outfit and accessories. Her meet outfit includes the pink top, jeans and the shiny shoes. Her accessories include a really cute bag, a jacket, a hair clip, ID cards and fingerless gloves.
I love everything...except for one thing... Her face!!! She is so based on Lanie and McKenna! She looks EXACTLY like Lanie, except with straighter and a bit darker hair. Like McKenna, she has ID cards and has long straight hair. So, what I'm basically saying is: I would love to add her to my collection, but I wish that she was a little bit more unique.
I rate her a 4/5.

Well, gotta go. So excited for Frozen!


  1. I saw frozen a few days ago and it was awesome its now one of my favorite Disney movie

    1. It is one of my favorite didn't movies, too!


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