Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Everything I like in Isabelle's Collection and Big News!!!

 Hi Doll fans!

You must be wondering what the Big News is, but first, we'll focus on Isabelle.
Today, Isabelle obviously came out! I saw the whole collection last night because it was 10:00 in the Western side, while it was 12:00 in the East side. 

I took pictures of the items I liked that is in Isabelle's collection. 

Isabelle $120
She is pretty cute! I really like that she comes with jeans. Her top is pretty cute. I think that the sleeves on her top is nice. My favorite part of her meet outfit is her shoes. Her shoes are something I would wear. I wish her hair piece was longer and her story looks interesting.

Isabelle's accessories $30
Her jacket looks okay. I think if it was denim, it would look better. I love her pink gloves! Her ID card is probably based on McKenna's ID card. I like her Metro Pass and her hair clips. Her bag is very stylish. 

Isabelle's Design Studio $275
This is amazing! In my opinion, it looks kind of stuffed in there. The Dress form is my favorite thing in all of Isabelle's collection. It is a new idea and it doesn't come from any of the other GOTYs. I like the sewing machine, except I think it should have been white. The rest is meh and the whole studio looks plastic. 

Isabelle's Dress (I kinda forgot the name) $34 
I LOVE THIS WHOLE OUTFIT! It looks so cute put together. I would love to wear it!!!! (And so would Heather!)

Isabelle's Coral Sweater $14
This sweater is perfection. PERFECTION, I said!!! 
Isabelle's Coral Sweater for girls (I forgot the price)
I love this as much as I love the doll-sized one. 

Isabelle's Rosette Leotard ($14 or $12)
This looks pretty nice. I think it would look best with a blonde-haired doll.

I like AG books, so I think I'll like these ones :)

Well, more tomorrow!!
Hannah :D

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