Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pattern in GOTY Dolls

If you look closely, there is a pattern in GOTYs following every OTHER doll.

Isabelle got most of her Isabelle-ness from the dolls that follow her in the picture. It is the line with Isabelle, McKenna, Lanie and Mia. Same with Saige's line.
Isabelle got her hair from McKenna, but the color from Lanie. She got hair kit and eyes from Mia.
Saige got her long hair from Kanani and her picnic set from Chrissa. She got her freckles from Nicki. 
See what I mean? There is always a pattern with these GOTY dolls following every other doll.

Hannah :)

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  1. Interesting, very interesting. I for one think that this patterent might give us clues from Ag for the next GOTY, but Ag has been known to switch patterns suddenly. But I notice another pattern, one of color. "But in white there is another color. In white there is green, but there is also something you will never say". That's a quote I want to send to AG.


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