Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Dollhouse

Wow. It's been so long. Well, it's felt that way. Over the past month, I make something super extraordinary.
Which I will show you today!
Ta-da! I'm sorry about the blurriness. 
This is the top floor. It is basically the bedroom.
And the bottom floor. It is a kitchen/Mudroom/DressingRoom/LivingRoom! (Lol)
This is what's next to the kitchen part of the first floor. The big brown cabinet is actually a jewelry box from GoodWill. The smaller clear makeup box is part of a makeup kit I got. 
I keep some doll clothes in the makeup box. On top of it, I keep some doll hair stuff.
On top of the cabinet/jewelry box, I put some knick-knacks. Inside, I keep some of my jewelry (not doll jewelry).
Here's a little photo of Heather that I threw in. :)

Well, I hope you liked my little dollhouse.
I completely made it out of 2 humongo cardboard boxes, glue, scrapbook paper, scotch tape, and scissors!

Dollightfully Back,

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