Monday, April 7, 2014

Dollhouse Tips

Today, Molly was doing some spring cleaning and ended up adding a bunch of extra details to her home!
Hello! Molly here!
I'm going to share some of my favorite dollhouse decorating tips with you. 

1. What Would You Want in Your Room?
If you like flowers, be sure to add plenty of floral accents to your room like the floral notepad on the nightstand. Maybe you like shiny things, so add a lot of shine to your room, like the lamp in Heather's room. 
2. Small Details, Big Change
This rug may be really small, but it's colors really put together a colorful change to the room. 
3. (For Humans) Reuse and Redo 
This TV is made out of a lip balm set, and it is perfect in our dollhouse living room area! I know, it says Happy Holidays, but just trim some black construction paper the right size to cover that background and TA DA!!!! (Yeah, we don't really have black construction paper, so we gotta keep it like that)
4. The Power of a Pet
Meatloaf may just be a pet, but it totally added some realistic-ness when I caught a pic of him watching TV. Doesn't this pic look cute? I wonder if he understands Disney Channel...


I had a lot of fun doing this! 
Which tip do you like the most? 

Hannah ❤️ Madelyn ❤️ Heather ❤️ Abby ❤️

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